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Welcome to our , website The website provides information about , Trucks  and Classic Motoercars , Like Picture of Ford and Chevrolet Motorcar.
 the Homepage was Created by Andreas Dezius ,To Share the Information on Chevy and Ford Classics around the world.

The Homepage is owned by Andreas Dezius and is maintained by in Germany.

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also known as Chevy is an American brand of vehicle produced by General Motors (GM). Founded by Louis Chevrolet and ousted GM founder William C. Durant on November 3, 1911, General Motors acquired Chevrolet in 1918.

Chevrolet was positioned by Alfred Sloan to sell a lineup of mainstream vehicles to directly compete against Henry Ford's Model T in the 1920s, with "Chevrolet" or "Chevy" being at times synonymous with GM. In North America, Chevrolet sells and produces a wide variety of automobiles, from subcompact cars to medium-duty commercial trucks, whereas in Europe, the brand name is used on automobiles produced in Korea by General Motors.

Enjoy the 1973 Chevy CanAm Pics and History. As you'll see, this really is a rarity of a Classic. Suffice to say that only 100 of these were ever made and not in North America either, these rare Classics were built in South Africa

This is a 1972 Firenza built by John Drake, Full MSA Specs, 327 Stroker, All Performance Parts, 350 Snap Shift Reverse Box with launch control. Volvo Suspension in front, 12 sec quarter mile, not 2000km since built, 420hp on rear wheels 

Motor Company ,is an American multinational automaker headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. It was founded by Henry Ford and incorporated on June 16, 1903. The company sells its vehicles under the Ford and Lincoln brands. Ford also owns small stakes in Mazda of Japan and Aston Martin of the United Kingdom. The company is controlled by the Ford family, although they have minority ownership.
Tom Tom Route Planner

Adapting to driving in an unfamiliar countrys can be challenging, but with a bit of forward planning, you have really little to worry about! If you hail from a nation that drives on the right hand side of the motorway, the main change in your driving style in South Africa is to adjust to driving on the left hand side.

If you are planning on availing of a hired vehicle for your South Africa holiday, there are a few essential rules of the road you should be aware of, if you are not already familiar with the road traffic rules of the nation. Check out our guide to some of the most important rules of the road you should understand before driving in South Africa…

Trucks are generally working show trucks that are usually a few years old. Although trucks may have thousand dollar paint jobs, interiors with solid wood floors and sleepers that rival million dollar homes, the vast majority of members will be picking up a load the day after the show and go back to business as usual.

Truck shows are held at different locations in the United States for the enjoyment of truck owners and operators as well as truck show enthusiasts.  Its goal is to foster comradery between fellow truck drivers and their families and to allow the public to get up-close and personal with drivers and their families.

Auto transport services are provided by the help of the auto transporter. Transport service is the wide service offered to the customer for reasonable price consideration. Car auto shipping company is available in more numbers and more number of auto transporters is interested in engaging auto shipping. With the help of transporters any kind of vehicles can be transported from one place to another. Most of the customers assumes how to transport a car across country and to facilitate this kind of customers, car carrier are established.

A road train or roadtrain is a trucking concept used in remote areas of Argentina, Australia, Mexico, the United States and Canada to move freight efficiently. The term "road train" is most often used in Australia. In the U.S. and Canada the terms "triples," "Turnpike doubles" and "Rocky Mountain doubles" are commonly used for longer combination vehicles (LCVs). A road train consists of a relatively conventional tractor unit, but instead of pulling one trailer or semi-trailer, the road train pulls two or more of them. There are vehicles of a similar variety for passengers, often known as land trains or "trams", but those are relatively lightweight and often slow vehicles.

In road transport, an oversize load or overweight load is a load that exceeds the standard or ordinary legal size and/or weight limits for a specified portion of road, highway or other transport infrastructure, such as air freight or water freight.

There are also load per axle limits.However, a load that exceeds the per-axle limits, but not the overall weight limits, is not considered overweight. Examples of oversize/overweight loads include construction machines cranes, front loaders, backhoes, etc., pre-built homes, containers, construction elements (bridge beams, generators, windmill propellers, industrial equipment.



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