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I Speach - English
/ German  and Africans , and also read and wright the 3 Languages .
I am at the moment a Truck Driver in Germany.

To my Profiles , here are a few things to tell you about me .
My Homepage is about Motor Classics and Trucks .

I created this Homepage to  share it with people and friends on the Internet and around the World, So I say thankyou to Homepage-Baukasten in Germany, and people who supported me to with my Homepage, the

Me,myself and I in 150 questions! by Andy
nickname:  Andy
birthday:  15.11.1960
height:  188
weight:  110 Kg
hair:  Light Brown / Red
eyes:  Green / Brown
any piercings?:  No ,I find it Look Ugly
tattoos?:  Yes ,the White Wolf
any siblings?:  No,not at all
what do you like to wear?:  Jeans and Anything that is Easy to Wear and I Feel good in it.
 book?:  The Rise and Fall of Hitler,South African Law ,Wildlife,Born Free and Living Free.
 color?:  Red / Maroon / Royal Blue
 movie?:  Action / Historical / Thillers and Science Fiction
 place?:  South Africa and Germany,and Maybe New Zealand ,Australia or USA
 food?:  Braais s and Barberques
 dessert?:  Ice-Crean and Strawberrys
 alcoholic drink?:  Beer,Whiskey and Rum
 non-alcoholic drink?:  
 day of the week?:  Friday and Saturday
 number?:  15 / 22 / 11 / 10 / 3 /  25
 month?:  November
 city?:  Pretoria ,Cape town and Durban
 country?:  South Africa and Germany
 animal?:  Dogs ,Wolves and Lions
 time of the day?:  
 tv channel?:  South African News ,BBC, RTL and Pro 7
 song at the moment?:  
place to be?:  
time of the day?:  
day of the week?:  
song/music gender?:  
animal to you?:  
food?:  Vegtables
*have u ever...*
 been so drunk that you cant remember?:  Yes ,on Carneval 2009 in Germany
 cheated:  No Never ,been always right ,and Truely towards the partner I have in a Relasion
 been cheated on?:  Yes I have in the Past
 been in love?:  
 been on TV?:  No Never on Tv
 stolen anything?:  Yes as a Small Child ,when I was 7 years ,just a sweet
 been on stage?:  
 passed out?:  Yes ,but on a party
 had a surgery?:  
 broke the law intentionally?:  
 had a friend pass away?:  
 been lied?:  
 been dumped?:  
*do you...*
do drugs?:  Never ,Ido not believe in such thing
get drunk?:  
play an instrument?:  I use to play a trumpet and play the drums
get along with your parents?:  Yes I do
think you are attractive?:  I dont no , You must find out
smoke?:  Yes i do smoke
get motion sickness?:  
wear contacts/glasses?:  
get good marks?:  
watch cartoon?:  
drink milk :3 ?:  
write poems/stories?:  
take a particular medicine?:  
go to psycholog?:  
have a pet?:  
are you allergic to something?:  
play an online rpg?:  
get online on msn a lot?:  
google a lot?:  Yes ,most of the time
have fights?:  
read magazines?:  
read comics?:  
how many hours do you sleep?:  
how frequently do you go to hairdresser?:  
get along with your teachers?:  
What's your preferred genre of music?:  
All-time favorite band/artist?:  
All-time favorite song?:  
How many CDs or MP3s of your favorite band/artist do you have?:  
What's your favorite radio station?:  
heavy metal?:  
 time you cried?:  I cry alot ,if I think of my Past Life in South Africa and my Children that are still living in South Africa
 movie you watched?:  
 person you talked on the phone?:  
 song played?:  
 thing you ate?:  
 time you took a bubble bath?:  
 time you got drunk?:  
 time you read a book?:  
 email you get?:  
 person you got a fight?:  
 time you hugged someone?:  
 time you kissed someone?:  
 time you met someone new?:  
 time you went for a date?:  
*do you believe in...*
God?:  Yes I believe in God ,he is the creator of Heaven and Earth,and everythibg he made for us,He gave hie only Son to forgive our Sins.
religions?:  Yes I do ,but dont talk about it
ghosts?:  Yes I do ,If you have seen One you will believe it too
astrology?:  Scorpion
*in a girl/boy*
hair:  Light Brown
style of clothing:  Were Any thing ,that suite me ,dont worry what others think ,Cool and Easy
kiss on first date?:  
love at first sight?:  
 who do you wanna slap?:  Nobody,The Wheel Turns ,and His or Her Day Will Come.
 who do you wanna kill?:  Nobody,The Wheel Turns ,and His or Her Day Will Come.
 your dream:  Yes
 do you want to get married?:  No not now ,untill the right time comes
 i wanna be:  
 all you need is:  
 identy yourself with 3 words::  
 what is your worst characteristic?:  
 what are your fears?:  
 what is your weakness?:  
 favourite quote?:  
 cartman or kenny?:  
 shoes you weared last time?:  
 what is your aim for this year?:  To Go to South Africa and to Visit my Children and Friends ,if God Spears me And If I Can Aford it .
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